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Tum Kar Chalo, Aagay Barho – Sparkistan

A lot of you have been asking me, “What is Sparkistan? What is it that you keep talking about?” So before we go further with this, Sparkistan is an initiative taken by Atlas Battery to highlight the positive side of our country by digging out those people from Pakistan who have immense talent but never got the fair share of the limelight or the stage to express themselves. It is for the people who go unnoticed despite having so much capability and potential. In other words, our unsung heroes. Sparkistan is a platform to feature stories of struggle, effort, and accomplishments of these people. 

Last week on Monday, Sparkistan’s anthem was released. In a short video of a little over 2 minutes, there were a number of faces, each one with a different kind of inspirational story never told before. The Sparkistan anthem is a showcase of the diversity of talent spread across Pakistan as all of the people were from different age groups and regions. This shows how the team behind Sparkistan have explored Pakistan which in itself is a remarkable aspect of the entire campaign.
This week on Monday 30th, the first webisode of the campaign was released. (Watch it here). It contained the story of a genius doctor named Dr. Naeem Taj from Rawalpindi who earned fame and respect for Pakistan by getting his name registered in Guinness Book of World Record in 2011. Dr. Naeem, whom we previously did not even know about, broke the record of an American doctor when he operated a 77-year-old woman and removed a 25.5 cm gallbladder by 1 cm incision. This is the largest gallbladder removed laparoscopically in medical history. Dr. Naeem earned himself and his country more dignity when he further operated the longest appendix in a kid and removed the maximum number of stones (5,568 approx) in the gallbladder. Upon receiving his certificate, Dr. Naeem spoke about how this token of appreciation is his dedication to the nation. Truly the actions of a noble man. 

Now, as inspiring as this sounds, there is also a deeply saddening aspect attached to the whole affair. That is, how come a Pakistani doctor reached excellence of that magnitude that he made his way into the Guinness Book of World Record in 2011; positively representing us, and we stayed unaware of it all these years? This elucidates the crucial importance of Sparkistan and how it is shining light upon those who have a tendency to become an important element in shaping the future of Pakistan.

We remain oblivious to millions of Pakistanis’ struggle and their achievements that neutralize the negative aura that constantly surrounds Pakistan. So it certainly is a very proud moment for us that not only our unsung heroes are setting examples like they always have been, but are now also being celebrated. I personally feel grateful to the minds behind such a creative and necessary step taken for our deserving unsung heroes; Pakistan at her purest and most beautiful.


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