Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; Why are so many potterheads unimpressed?

Trust me when I say this, I completely understand why most of you were deeply disappointed by HPCC because to some extent, I was too. However while reading it, I also kept in mind how Deathly Hallows had concluded and how everything had reached its end along with the book itself. Voldemort was now dead even though he held just as much importance in the series as Harry himself, with the whole plot circling around his return. So how in merlin’s beard was the story going to unfold in Cursed Child then?! And yet still, what we had as the eighth Harry Potter book was an unpredictable and striking story. (Time turners! Who could have guessed, right?) What I’m trying to say is that maybe you wouldn’t have been so disappointed, if you kept these facts in mind while reading the book:

  1.  It was a play, not a novel. 
  2. Voldemort was dead. Hence, the story couldn’t just revolve around him again. He couldn’t be a keypoint in the plot.
  3. It was not just another Harry’s year at Hogwarts. Cursed Child is set 19 years later.
  4. It was NOT written by JK Rowling!

To be honest, when I picked up Cursed Child, I was nervous. Because when Deathly Hallows ended, sure it was sad that Harry Potter’s story was over (atleast the part of his life we got to see) but there was a bittersweet satisfaction I felt as I was fully content with the end. The novel was now complete, it was done. Sure I would miss it but it would stay with me forever. However, now that I had Cursed Child in my hand, I was scared. What if this book ruined that strange satisfaction for me by not living up to my expectations? What if I hate the ending? How will I ever unread it? So yes, you can say that deciding to read Cursed Child was a risk we all took.

I think what potterheads didn’t like most was how everything – Albus’s years at Hogwarts in particular – went too fast. There was no time to absorb as there always was in the previous books. Cursed Child was surely less magical and lacked detailing. It was clearly apparent JK Rowling didn’t write it, as we all are accustomed to her exquisite writing and could easily recognize it. But then again it was a play and as this had to be the very last Harry Potter book, they had to fit everything in it. 

Cursed Child had these two heart-wrenching scenes which won me over that no other book could have had:

  • When Harry watches his parents die with his  own eyes and silently lets it happen. 

James and Lily’s death is the most vital and chewed over topic in the entire series. And it wasn’t possible for the readers to witness it until Cursed Child. 

  • Secondly, we have Snape’s entry! *squeals*

We never had the chance to show Snape some love for all that he sacrificed to protect Lily and Harry despite having profound hatred for James. (I’m sorry but yes, James was an absolute asshole to Snape. I still love him though. Hashtag heart eyes for hot bad boy.) 

In all the previous books we spent enough time with Snape but we were completely oblivious to the fact that he’s the real MVP. We only realize it until it’s too late. Only after The Prince’s Tale where he dies. So yes, I’ll forever be thankful to JK Rowling for Snape’s part in this book; giving us a little more time with him when we had no hope of it. In fact I’m grateful to her for this dialogue alone:

SNAPE: “Tell Albus – tell Albus Severus – I’m proud he carries my name.”

This scene had me in a glass case of emotions. No exaggeration there.

I’d end this review here. That is enough reason as to why Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a masterpiece and deserves almost as much (if not more!) appreciation for returning us to the Wizarding world. Despite some flaws we can all forgive, as the good parts surely win over the ones we didn’t like, this is definitely one gem of a book and will always have a spot in my heart.

And here’s a random, casual picture of me smiling goofily with my copy of Cursed Child when I first bought it:


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; Why are so many potterheads unimpressed?”

  1. Such a great post to start your blog. Finally someone agreed that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a masterpiece. That scene where Harry watches his parents die is so emotional and reminds me of Batman’s parents death. If readers accepts those points you’ve mentioned they’ll not say that it is the worst book they’ve read.

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