See The Ability! March 21st; World Down Syndrome Day

So a few of you messaged me asking about my mismatched socks and that’s when I knew I’d done the job. Every year, March 21st is observed and celebrated as the World Down Syndrome Day since 2012 to raise global awareness. Down Syndrome, one of the most common disorders, is a genetic condition where the affected baby is born with an extra 3rd copy of the chromosome 21. It is associated with physical and mental delayed growth, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate mental differentability. (Petition to replace the word disability with differentability.)

Why March 21st?

If you were paying enough attention above, you’d know the answer. 3rd copy of the chromosome 21 hence 21st of the 3rd month. (Didn’t see that coming, did we?)

Lots of Socks

Around this time of the year you see a lot of people wearing mismatched, odd socks across the world. No, we haven’t gone crazy. We’re simply participating in the LotsofSocks campaign to raise public awareness. The purpose is to draw attention and upon being asked, spread general important information about DS. LotsofSocks message being, though the socks are different, they still serve the same purpose.

The differently-abled too have equal right to inclusion. 

It is a scientifically proven fact that people with DS are unable to contain any kind of negative feelings. They are purely full of love; quite literally the closest beings to angels. (Maybe this is why I personally feel so attached with all the DS affected people.)

So go ahead and take out your two different favorite socks and post a picture wearing them. Add the hashtags #LotsofSocks and #WDSD to raise awareness and use your social platforms for a noble cause today. Cheers to the differently-abled. More power to them! 


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