Curiosity Lynched The Gem – مشال خان

I haven’t had much to say about this recent catastrophe that has befallen us. There is nothing to utter about an excruciating tragedy that speaks for itself. So here’s a little, the first and the last effort that I’m going to make.

In the very least‪, I hope people do not stop talking about Mashal Khan and how he met his terrible fate. Once you stop disputing, you forget. And that, we always do; absorbing the inhumanity of each tragedy one by one. This is not something to be forgotten about. This is something to ache over forever. Today Mashal, tomorrow, many more of him.



  1. People now days are zero tolerance. Specially young guys have been Brainwashed by mullahs of madarasas they blame each other as infidels.


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