5 Reasons Why QMobile Should Be Your Next Smartphone

Launched in 2009, QMobile has vastly flourished in the Pakistan mobile phone industry in a short span of time. It owns the market share of 60%+, making it the largest smartphone brand in Pakistan with an estimated of one million mobile phones sold monthly.

Over the years, QMobile has provided good, satisfactory service to its users for a fair price. Their devices are mostly known for their reasonable and smart prices, enabling people from every class to afford a decent smartphone. With the least priced smartphone starting from 3750 PKR, their range of devices includes some tablets and number of phones including touchscreen, QWERTY, WiFi all running Android OS. It has grown to be a brand that has a certain suitable device for everyone with the latest technology and valid warranty claims across the country.

Here’s why you should consider a QMobile device:

1. Affordability:

In order for a product to reach most of its consumers, it is important that it should be available at an affordable price. This is the reason that QMobile phones feature a good variety of specifications and are available at half the price as compared to an international brand. QMobile has enabled most of the rural masses to own a quality smartphone which was not possible before.

2. Quality:

Screen size, resolution, camera, battery life, processor, and storage are the first specifications that you should be looking for on your phone.  The QMobile business model is such that it has been able to show impressive performance regarding these features in both its low-end as well as high-end smartphones. Consumer reviews generally show that the customers are mostly satisfied with their QMobiles as they find them long-lasting and reliable. Its quality is a major factor in making it the most commonly sold brand in the local market.

3. Variety and Approach:

The QMobile phones are available in abundance as a new phone is being launched every few weeks. The phones deliver what they promise with their huge array of specifications. Ranging from high-resolution cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity to fast processors and large display sizes. In this way, QMobile keeps up with the latest technology and features.

4. Design:

There is absolutely no doubt that a phone’s physical appearance is what draws customers in because it just might be as important for your personal style as the clothes you wear or the bags you carry. While most of us go for quality and performance, a lot of users prefer their phones as sleek and good-looking. For users like these, QMobile offers multiple options. Their phones are slim and light weighted with large display sizes, a wide range of colors and comfortable grips; giving you the best smartphone experience.

5. Resale Value:

Through their repeatedly displayed, eye-catching advertisements, QMobile has successfully built its brand image. Their advertisements have crossed national boundaries and they recently hired a well-known Indian actress Kareena Kapoor as their brand ambassador. This brand image has positively affected QMobile’s resale value greatly.  Second-hand phones of Q mobile are well trusted and hence, they can be easily bought, sold or exchanged.

QMobile is a brand that has provided a multitude of Pakistanis with countless jobs throughout the country. It has connected lives and empowered Pakistan as it is the top contributor in Pakistan’s growing smartphone usage. As a nation, we should support Pakistani brands like QMobile who have diligently worked towards the betterment of the country and its people.



  1. 5 reasons not to buy QMobile

    1 they are expensive

    QMobile Noir Z9 cost 19000/- PKR

    Oppo A37 cost 16000/-PKR

    Specification is almost same

    Ram 2 GB

    Processor Quad-core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A53
    Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410

    Rom 16GB

    Just the basic difference is QMobile is more thin

    I am really sorry if you’re get bother by this all I don’t really mean to but I just want to improve your research


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