Spreading Smiles With McDonald’s

A few days back, a chain of videos started to circulate around the web. I personally enjoyed watching it and thought of it as a creative and mindful initiative because the brand hadn’t mentioned their name which gave it an interesting and mysterious touch. I uploaded the videos on my Instagram and the posts gathered great response. The videos created a good vibe and made my profile look feelsy~   

It was later revealed that the series was posted by McDonald’s PK. Watch it here. It contained a number of people talking about the little things they enjoy and naturally use to maintain a good atmosphere. People from different regions were approached for them to share their opinions which itself is a very thoughtful aspect of the entire campaign. People were asked what makes them smile and how they spread smiles themselves. The answers were witty and some inspirational such as Muft ka Wi-Fi! and Jab puraani jaib se paisa nikalta hai! My favorite responses included two; when a girl upon being asked how she spreads smiles, answered, Bachon ko parha ke. And a boy who answered Garmi mein lougon ko paani pila ke. It was heart-warming and conveyed a positive message. Hence, serving the purpose.

The chain left a positive impact on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how people perceived Spreading Smiles on Twitter:   

  Tweet by Digital Zarda   

Tweet by Hsohu  

Tweet by Shafiq-ul-Hasan  

The videos were led pensively. McDonald’s did a really good job!

Which reminds me, did you guys try the new MCD Ramadan deals yet?! They looked so tempting that I had to give up on my No-Fried-Chicken mission. (Yes, I’m guilty). I ordered the Rs. 550 deal that contains a McCrispy, 1 Piece Crispy Chicken, regular fries and a medium drink. Believe it or not, I hadn’t tried the crispy chicken before this (broke people probs) so the deal was a banger! The juicy, meaty chicken with the garlic dipping sauce was totally a treat. Worth the money. I think I’ll be heading over to McDonald’s for fried chicken every time! Just kidding, I’ll be heading over to McDonald’s anyway. 

Thanks for reading up, guys. I’d suggest you get your hands on the latest deals asap and keep spreading smiles with McDonald’s!


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