Eid Look 2017

Hello, everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Eid. Eid will always be the best time of the year for brown Twitter because there’s no such thing as too many desi vibes.

Starting off with my mehndi because it’s what everybody liked the most. For this, I looked up henna designs on Google and mixed up parts of certain designs to create these:

No, this wasn’t done in any parlor. It was an insanely skilled girl from the same old deep-frying goth.

I think it looked good enough after drying too!

The rings made it better that I got as a set from Nishat Linen for Rs 400 something on sale.

As for my dress, this year I decided to go all-silk, getting this lush designed 3-piece suit called Crimson from Alkram Studio’s 2017 Eid collection. The beautiful sleeves are what caught my eye!

You can get it here.

The earrings are from Nishat Linen as well because I love NL and because it’s Nishat Freaking Linen.

Rs 650 after discount

And for the last thing to go, here’s a clearer picture of my shoes that are again from Nishat Linen. (I agree I need to be stopped..)

I got this pair in less than Rs 2500 which I think is reasonable enough. You girls have got to agree, finding good shoes in white is not an easy job.

And with that, I’m done here with my Eid look. Thanks for reading up! Let me know about your look in the comments.



  1. Thanks for sharing an interesting post more everyone can Revamp your wardrobe with Deepak Perwani’s Formals collection exclusively available online and in stores.


  2. Buh Okay TBH I guess that place by the ear ring pic because a close friend of mine live there….

    PS A building with lot of solars 😁

    By the way my name is kamall shaikh from Hyderabad.


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