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Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan – Redefining Pakistani Street Art

Wall art at Agha Khan Park by artist Sabeen Rashid
Street art is one of the most diverse forms of art. It’s intriguing, explicit and most importantly unrestricted, free. Hence, it can serve as a medium of voice to bring about social change, to protest through its subtle way of expression.

For years, we have driven by the local walls of Pakistan only to see them filled with hateful and defiant remarks, harsh political comments etc. Though, the same graffiti could be used to generate a positive drive in the country. EFU Life Insurance took the matter into their hands and repainted these walls, adding character and essence to the Pakistani street art. In 2016, under the guidance of Commissioner Karachi, EFU Life initiated Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan, a project with aims to beautify Pakistan through thematic wall art. Last year, the project covered a 2000 sq.ft wall at Ayesha Manzil and a 3000 sq.ft wall of NCC Sports Complex. Arrayed across the walls were paintings vastly filled with detailed art, depicting culture and heritage, full of patriotism to the brim! Let’s take a look.

As for this year, EFU Life Insurance extended this project to a third location, the Aga Khan Park (Garden, opposite Ismaili Jamaat Khana) covering a space of over 7000 sq. ft respectively. The murals produced great response off and on the internet as the artwork was not just simply creative but deeply intricate!

Artist at work
Final look

Kudos to EFU Life Insurance for their thought. The murals speak for themselves and show the effort that has been put into creating them. The artist involved need to be recognized nationally and our duty as respectable citizens of this country is to appreciate and promote every such project. Pakistan Zindabad! 


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