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LAYS – Life Needs Flavor!

Oh, look I am finally getting to rant about my favorite rant-topic. Monotony of life is a poison leading to a slow, painful death. Dramatic cut. I can say I hate it more than I hate poor customer service. I swear waking up at 9 every morning for my entry test prep, sitting in the same room, on the same chair and then coming back home to same old Toori or Paalak has dried up my brain juice and wrung it all out. In all seriousness, it has made me grumpy, uncreative and even thinner. Though, a routine, it adds predictability to our life making us feel secure. But eventually, the uniformity of routine leads to a dull, unexciting life which can be toxic. So, as much as we humans need to have a proper routine in life, it is just as important to turn things around a bit from time to time. 

Turn things around.. turn around. Get it, get it??? Ok, never mind. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone and giving something new a try will always seem scary. Who’d know it better than a person who does not even order a different meal in restaurants and gets the same food every single time?! Order something else? Are you kidding me? What if I don’t like it? That’s just me every time I go out to eat. But hey, you know what? What if I actually love it! (Well then I know I’ll just keep ordering it for the next 2 years but whatever.)

So you see, change doesn’t always have to be noticeable. As I already mentioned above, it could simply be you ordering a different meal, maybe getting a different hair dye or wearing a different lip color. You boys could just grow out or shave your beard, (sorry not sorry because that’s all I can think about) or just anything that makes you feel different than your typical days. 

The Lays “Life Needs Flavor” is quite a spirited tagline and compels you think hell yes, my life needs a flavor! I know mine does because it’s time to get rid of that Toori and Paalak. Cheers.


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