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2018; The Quitter In Me Is Dead!

Hi, guys! Here’s to my first blog post (read: rant) of 2018 and it’s related to how done I am with crying about every minor inconvenience that life throws at me. Failure and rejections are only a part of life and 2017 taught me that quite well. (It stepped on my neck until my windpipe was obstructed and I couldn’t respire and I felt myself falling deeper into the void, to be more specific.) But that’s in the past and I am still here and as alive as ever. Might have learnt it the hard way but I realized that failure isn’t the end of the world and will never be. The rejections I faced also revealed who my real friends are; who truly deserve my time. There was another unbidden (but not unneeded) lesson of the same kind back in my early years, now that I vividly recall it. It goes something like this. (Story time!)

A 10 year old me was crazy obsessed with cycling (9 years later, this remains a fact) because that’s what I saw my brother doing most of the time. Just watching him cycle brought me an effervescent rush. I wanted to be on his bicycle, racing through the wind, leaving it behind me. When I think about it now, I can almost still feel the cold on my cheek. To this day, I can smell the sense of freedom it brought. There was only one problem. Balance. I could not keep it over my bicycle. No matter how many times I tried, it was only a matter of a few mindful seconds for which I was hurtling before I came crashing down. The quitter in me believed training wheels were the answer. Training wheels, my ultimate dream; my last hope, my will to live, my very key to my success. But baba knew better. He wouldn’t buy me training wheels no matter how many times I hung from his arm, no matter how many times I cried sprawled on the floor. He made it quite clear to me that I wasn’t getting those magical objects. So here I was without my goddamn training wheels! Sad as a bee, I eventually back went to my old bicycle. I was riding it aimlessly without the skill of balancing, but paddling and steering nonetheless. The no of seconds before I crashed each time, started to increase without me ever realizing it. I don’t remember it now how many crashes it took but before I knew it I was on the road, cycling straight ahead without my training freaking wheels! Had it not been for baba, I know a 19 year old me would still be riding a bicycle with training wheels. (Quite a sight that is) And that’s about it. That’s the very much needed lesson I learnt as a kid and yet have learnt it again years later. I am wholly thankful to both.

I was reminded of my narrative when I came across the Surf Excel Haar Ko Harao ad where a kid motivates his coach to not give up. Failures make us celebrate small accomplishments and work harder along the way. They gives us the confidence to face future rejections (there will always be more), making you reconsider your tactics and hence, initiating creativity. Einstein believed insanity happens when the same mistakes are repeated over and over. We all know creativity is no diferent than insanity. And to say in the least, failures will always reveals your true friends. Look out for those!

Thanks for keeping up with me and reading up till here. Thank you and a happy 2018 to all of you!


1 thought on “2018; The Quitter In Me Is Dead!”

  1. I have been this telling to my team at work. I think such positive outlook towards failure is a true mantra to eventual success. There is no bigger high than not giving up because of the fear of failure and learning form each of it to reach your goal. Builds your character as a bonus. Happy to see such a post.


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